Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upper Cumberland Caviar

We don't have sturgeon in the Upper Cumberland, but we do have catfish. My neighbor Joe caught a big one at his place on the river, and he brought me the roe in a ziploc bag. It was a disturbing looking piece of anatomy. Some people thought I was carrying around a brain. It reminded me more of a placenta, which is closer to the truth actually.

I researched cooking catfish roe on the internet. Most cooks advised warming it gently in a pan, still in the egg sac, but the egg sac should be punctured to let steam escape.

I did that, but it was exceedingly fishy-tasting. However, Molly the Border Collie liked it a lot.

Joe said that maybe the problem was I didn't season it enough. Maybe some soy sauce would have helped?

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