Friday, December 17, 2010

Big turnip

I planted a fall garden in August and then went to Houston in September for three months. While I was gone it got pretty cold, but a neighbor put some blankets on the garden for a few of the coldest days.  When I got back a week ago, it got very cold:  down below ten degrees.  But because there were four inches of snow and blankets over the beds, most of the vegetables survived, including this huge turnip, which weighs almost two pounds.

What do you do with a turnip this big?  I made a pot of soup along the lines of Leek and Potato soup, only it was Turnip and Onion soup.  I fried some bacon, then sauteed some onion in the fat, added the turnip and some water, and simmered till the turnip was soft. Then I pureed the soup and added some cream.  Good!