Monday, July 27, 2009

UFO beside the creek

I found this flower on a small bush by Bear Creek the other day. Weird looking, huh?

I later identified it as the flower of the buttonbush. They are also known as "honey balls." The species of the shrub is Cephalanthus occidentalis, and the Audubon guide to trees says that it's a spreading shrub that can grow to 20 feet. The one I saw was about three feet tall. It was in the right place: buttonbush likes wet soil, and the creek came out of its banks a week or so ago, when we had 3 1/2" of rain in one night.

The book also said that its foliage is poisonous, but that ducks like to eat the seeds.

Here it is again:

It's fun to find a wildflower you've never seen before and to identify it. There is a great diversity of species on Brangus Lane, especially along Bear Creek.

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