Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snowed In on Brangus Lane

Brangus Lane is pretty in the snow. I took some pictures on my walk yesterday.  It was very cold, but animals and people were out.


Cows have to stay outside of course.  But they don't seem to mind.

Farmers have to come outside too, at least for a little while.

There were ten kids sledding on a hill.  The snow didn't cover the grass, but that didn't stop them. They were going pretty fast, really, on their plastic sleds. My Flexible Flyer would have never worked under those conditions.

                                                                                              The parents arrived in a pick-up truck and took everybody back to the house to warm up, and maybe to have some hot chocolate.

There was some concern that folks on Brangus Lane might not be able to make their daily runs for beer (and groceries).  But I saw somebody firing up their car for a run to the Walmart  in Algood.

Still, conditions were evidently hazardous.  Somebody had gone off the road and ploughed through a fence.  There was a big hole in the fence, right where somebody went through it a couple of summers ago.  (The dogs were driving that day. )  I mentioned this hole to several people, but everybody said it wasn't them.

I saw a pretty arrangement of nandinas and golden willow against a neighbor's barn:

Somebody salted the road today, so probably tomorrow it will be passable, and we can get out if we want to.  Too bad: I kind of like being snowed in.

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