Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Sisters Farm

I met some farmers at the farmer's market in Cookeville, and I liked their produce so much that I went to visit their farm.  It's called Three Sisters Farm, because three sisters and their mother are the farmers.

It's a beautiful small farm outside Cookeville.  There are extensive vegetable gardens, beautiful flowers (mostly perennials but also some annuals), hay fields, some berry bush plantings, and best of all:  goats!

This is a young Nubian goat.  A very friendly youngster.

Nubians have long, pendulous ears, rather like Brahma cattle.  More specifically, these goats are Anglo-Nubian goats, a breed that is a cross between an English dairy goat and a Middle Eastern breed.  Their milk has a high butterfat content.

Above is one of the nannies, or does.  And below is a billy, or buck.

Three Sisters Farm also has chickens.  The cutest one is a banty rooster.

He's tamer than any rooster I've ever handled.  He will let you pick him up and pet him.  None of my roosters were ever that gentle! Some of them fought me every time I went in the chicken pen.  This banty is not a fighting cock, as far as I could tell.  Good thing he lives on a peaceful farm.

The three sisters like to grow guords.  That was one of my earliest horticultural passions also.  A friend burned a picture of a goat onto one of their birdhouse guords:

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