Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's not all hard labor at the Adobe Alliance workshop. The other day we took a day off and went to Chinati Hot Springs near Ruidosa, TX.

Chinati Hot Springs is a remote little low-key resort on the border between Texas and Mexico. Vaux le voyage!

The next day we achieved a milestone: the first keystone at the top of the arch. Efren, a master mason, quickly cut a small adobe with a trowel to make it fit the space perfectly.

We made a field trip to Mexico and looked at another adobe house with vaults and domes. It is smaller, and it is not finished yet: the doors and windows have not been added yet.

This house was not built by the Adobe Alliance.

The owner is from Lebanon, thus the Middle Eastern style of the building.

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  1. Carlos House looks interesting. Do you have any interior pictures? I see two domes, are they plastered ith a lime plaster like Particia Kerns dome near Terlingua? Are the tow rooms either side of the door and central dome vaulted or flat roofs.

    Great blog postings.