Monday, March 22, 2010

The Desert Smells Like Rain

When it rains in the Chihuahuan desert, all of a sudden there is a wonderful fragrance from the creosote bushes that fills the air.  The rain fell all around our site while we were working on Tuesday afternoon.  We could see it all around the horizon.

I worked on the vault some on Saturday and Sunday, but the truth is, masonry is not my forte. I had a hard time keeping the angle of the adobes right.

So on Tuesday I worked on the plaster.  Also, on Monday Tom and I and a friend went to Marfa in the afternoon, and I arranged to show some black and white photographs about the work of the Adobe Alliance in Marfa next fall, during Chinati weekend, in Building 98.

My other job was to do the cooking for the group.  We had many pleasant lunches under the ramada.

But the house really glows in the late afternoon and evening as the sun goes down.  Then, it was truly magical to sit under the ramada and have supper watching the mountains in the distance change colors.

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  1. hey Shannon,

    Girl, I put on 5 pounds here, thanks a lot! It was too good!. Nice photos. I just messed with a roll myself, I'll get them online asap and send them off to Y'all. It sure feels good to soak in a bath and sleep in a bed. My my my... thanks again for the pics and your comments. Take care, Wilder