Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blossoms and Fruit

Last fall I planted a wildflower mix in my front yard, where the grass had died due to drought.  I didn't go to much trouble:  I just scattered the seed on the ground and sort of chopped it in with a rake.  I didn't weed or water or mulch or fertilize.

This spring it has started blooming.  I"m not sure what all the flowers in it are, but they are pretty.

I think this might be some kind of wild phlox.

I'm pretty sure that these are coreopsis:

And there are several colors of batchelor buttons, including this unusual dark purple one:

Some more are getting ready to bloom. I think they are cosmos.

Also the collard plants I set out last fall are blooming. They are pretty, and maybe Tom will collect the seed from them while I'm in TN.

We planted a little tangerine tree (aka mandarin orange) in the front yard, and it has very fragrant blossoms:

Amazingly, baby tangerines are also forming already!

You're supposed to fertilize your citrus four times during the growing season, and early May is one of the times, so I need to do this soon.  I'm also keeping it well-watered as it gets established.

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