Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Misty, Moisty Morning...

Well, actually it was the afternoon. We went to the beach and it was foggy.  There were lots of people there, but you could barely see them and their umbrellas through the fog.

It was a strange kind of light that I'd never seen at the beach before.  A kind of glow, caused by light shining through a scrim of water and salt droplets.

Two little boys attached themselves to us and played with Dixie for about an hour, throwing the ball for her and chasing her into the surf.  She was really tired after all that, and barely moved for a couple of days. I guess she was actually sore, like I am after a long hike or run.  She's getting old!

Eventually a ranger came and made us put her on a leash.

So we walked down the beach away from the state park, to the part of the beach in front of the houses, where dogs run free.  Then why not we?

A lot of the houses had bad erosion underneath them, where Hurricane Ike had washed away the dirt under the houses.  Most of the houses had been repaired, but some still had a lot of broken windows and torn siding.

Eventually the fog lifted and the sun came out. 

I wore my Vibram Five Finger shoes. They were perfect for the beach, because they protect you from glass (there's a lot of glass because of the hurricane) and you can swim and wade in them, yet they don't hold water.  They are also great to run in.

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